18 Mar 2016

Webinar Recording | Mobile Research in 2016: An Update

Research participants have spoken: They are demanding that research is mobile friendly. However, too few researchers are listening. There is a growing gap between what participants are demanding and what researchers are offering, just as there is a growing gap between what is possible and what researchers are doing. This webinar provides a 2016 update of mobile market research and provides key actionable recommendations for what researchers should be doing. The webinar covers both quantitative and qualitative research.

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24 Oct 2015

L&E Workshop Video | Serve Your Customers Better with User Experience Research

With the explosion of user experience (or UX) in the business world, more companies are trying to incorporate UX research methods to better serve their customers. However, one test size does not fit all. Without employing the right series of research methods, companies can end up with an incomplete or misleading picture of their users. On October 23, 2015, L&E hosted a workshop with Amanda Stockwell, VP of User Experience for 352 inc. at our Columbus (Ohio) facility. Amanda discussed how to ensure your team is asking the right questions to better understand your users and their needs and to uncover white space opportunities.

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28 Apr 2015

Moderator, Teacher, Traffic Cop, Idea Protector, Listener: Conducting Qualitative Research with Kids

Everyone knows kids are different from adults. But have you ever thought about how those differences translate to marketing research? In the early days of marketing research (let’s say the “Mad Men” era), marketers assumed that you couldn’t do research with kids because they were too unpredictable and unreliable. So marketing research – and hence, marketing – focused mostly on parent’s opinions and perceptions.

Today, with kids having (1) a huge influence on family purchases, and (2) their own purchasing power, understanding kids is critical for effective marketing.

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22 Apr 2015

Understanding Consumer Psychology for Better Insights: Workshop Video

L&E recently hosted the workshop "Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Understanding Consumer Psychology for Better Insights" led by Jason Rogers. Jason is Product Expert and Lead Trainer for Noldus, the leading expert in observational behavior in both laboratory and natural settings.

Consumer Psychology – or understanding how and why consumers behave the way they do – is the foundation of Marketing Research. In the workshop, Jason discussed the evolution of Consumer Psychology and how an integrated understanding of consumer thinking, feeling, and behaving can improve the insights you get from Marketing Research.

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14 Apr 2015

L&E Workshop Video | Growing Up Digital: Marketing to Kids in a Tech-Forward World

Call them Generation Z, iGen, or Digital Natives, today’s kids are the first generation born into the Internet-connected world. How they use technology to interact with brands, and how marketers use technology to reach them, makes them uniquely different from any previous generation. And yet, there are timeless truths associated with how kids develop, what they need, and how they learn, think and behave.

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