15 Feb 2018

The world’s largest library - Putting perspective into research design

The research design stage of a qualitative project often revolves around the research question. In fact, the key is to come up with a research design that will guarantee an answer to that question. The problem is that in doing so, we often forget to take in the bigger picture because our focus is too narrow.

Over time we often become ingrained in our approaches and forget the wealth of information out there, or even right under our noses. As students we are adept at finding (often free) resources, but often as we progress in our careers we forget those useful sites and sources.

But many of the answers we seek as researchers are already there – they are just hidden within existing research readily available from the world’s largest library (the web). Desk research puts your project into a broader context in order to guide the research design, and although it may seem boring, mundane and tedious, it’s an important, practical, and very valuable tool for researchers. And best of all? It’s free and readily available.

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Tagged: Qualitative Research, Big Data, Market Research, Qualitative Research Design, Desk Research

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