17 Dec 2018

The automation takeover? How to co-exist with robots

Automation has moved into the world of qualitative research, and it’s safe to say it’s here to stay. For years now, robots have threatened the jobs of quantitative researchers only, but now that the latest technology has crept into the world of qual, is your job at stake? Will robots, one day, replace the role of humans in qualitative research? Lucky for you, the answer is no. Robots are simply working with humans to better the insight for our clients, and for now, they are happily co-existing.  

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12 Dec 2018

The power of video

When it comes to inspiring actionable insight, video is the most engaging and convincing platform.

Hands down, video takes the win for the ultimate storytelling medium. And it’s only becoming more popular, and more powerful. More than 500 million hours of videos are consumed on YouTube each day, and nearly half of people watch over an hour of video on Facebook or YouTube every week.

If you’re looking for another wild statistic, more video content has been uploaded online within the past 30 days than the major US TV networks have produced within the past 30 years.

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06 Dec 2018

6 Steps to Perfect Qual Series: Step 6 - Maintaining Client Relationships | New White Paper from L&E

6 Steps to Perfect Qual

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Step 6: Maintaining Client Relationships

A good marketing strategy is paramount in building client relationships, from generating new business to encouraging former clients to use your services again. So, how can you use your resources to effectively nurture your leads?

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04 Dec 2018

Renee’s Takeaways - Get the scoop on L&E's Final Webinar of 2018!

Webinar Series Summary

6 Steps to Perfect Qual: Step 6 - Maintaining Client Relationships – Webinar held on November 14, 2018

In this webinar in our series, we focused on Maintaining Client Relationships. We had the opportunity to chat with three panelists who are beyond experts on this topic. First up, Megan Nerz. Megan has been in the research business for about 35 years, and during that time, founded MLN Research, a small qualitative house with 5 moderators/researchers. Megan’s background is in psychology and applied communications research. Next is Sherry Behnke, Consumer Insights Manager with Kimberly-Clark Corporation.

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