29 Nov 2018

Webinar | 6 Steps to Perfect Qual- Step 6: Maintaining Client Relationships


On November 14th, 2018, L&E hosted our final webinar in our webinar series for 2018. The topic was maintaining client relationships. 

Guest Speakers: 

  • Sherry Behnke, Consumer Insights Manager, Kimberly-Clark
  • Megan Nerz, Market Research Consultant/Owner of MLN Research
  • Merrill Dubrow, President/CEO, M/A/R/C Research
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13 Nov 2018

Get rid of the sales pitch: use your qualitative skills to win new business

As qualitative researchers it’s our job to understand and interpret people, to find out their thoughts and feelings, and to understand why they do the things they do. Although often overlooked, this ability to relate with people and understand them is also essential to business development and dare we say it, sales. Potential clients don’t necessarily want a generic business pitch from you, and instead want to know that you understand their business needs and care about solving their problems. There are plenty of ways to connect with and nurture a new business lead without a pitch and luckily for you, these are all innate in the skill set of a qualitative researcher.

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08 Nov 2018

Partners not vendors

When interacting with clients it’s important to use the right terminology to describe the relationship you have with them. Using the wrong word risks devaluing the work you do together, making the valuable contributions you bring seem unimportant. Describing yourself as a ‘supplier’ or ‘vendor’ can be interpreted to have this effect.

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02 Nov 2018

IDG Overview - L&E Tech Partner On-Demand Webinar Series

Following our webinar on emerging technologies within qualitative research we wanted to share our on-demand webinars and highlights of each of our technology partners. We are continuing on with Informed Decisions Group (IDG) and Renee Wyckoff's (our Research Design Engineer) summary of how they offer the virtual wall, a portable system that you can take almost anywhere in the world to create an in-store experience.

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