31 Jul 2018

Visualizing research to make an impact - Practical tips for getting the most out of PowerPoint

When the large amount of information behind quality research is transformed into a story, the story needs to be complemented with high quality design to ensure it is optimized for client engagement.

Visualizing data in quantitative research gets a lot of attention in the insight industry. But communicating qualitative insight requires the same level of attention to visual communication and design. It just comes in the form of (a lot of) words and verbatim, which need to be organized and structured into a well-designed visual representation in order to make an impact. From visualizing direct consumer quotes to Word Clouds, the design skills behind communicating qualitative research should be pushed.

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27 Jul 2018

The art of storytelling - The role of knowing your audience

A major part of creating actionable insights for clients is making sure we, as qualitative researchers, communicate research findings to them effectively - and a good way of doing this is through the art of storytelling. There are a number of elements that need to be considered to make sure your story makes an impact, including structure, timing and language, as well as the medium used to tell it. But all of these factors are subjective to your audience. As a market researcher, you know that understanding your audience is a key ingredient in marketing, but it’s also integral to the storytelling process in research; a non-tailored message will likely be ignored.

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18 Jul 2018

Renee’s Takeaways - Q2 Quarterly Roundup


1. Regarding sharing qualitative insights – When we share our insights with clients, we want to keep it fresh, and keep them engaged throughout our journey. We heard directly from our expert panel during our June webinar “Qualitative Analysis and Insight Communication” about their experiences, and things they’ve learned. Here are just a few -

  • Be sure to incorporate the use of multimedia to keep your presentation interesting.
  • If you can, put yourself in the consumer’s shoes. Immerse yourself in their experience, go through their exercise, walk through it the way they would. By doing this, not only do you have the data to share, but you have a unique perspective to share your insights.
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