23 Apr 2018

Renee’s Takeaways - Get the scoop on L&E's Qual Research Recruiting Webinar!


 6 Steps to Perfect Qual Webinar Series Summary

Step 2 – Qualitative Research Recruiting Webinar – Webinar held on April 11, 2018

Let’s add another webinar filled with great information to the books!  In this webinar in our series, we focused on Qualitative Recruitment and got to spend some time with three experts in our industry.  First up, Teressa Johnnson, Director, Sensory Science and Technical Support at The Wendy’s Company.  Next, Heather Hall, Vice President of Project Management at Illumination Research.  And last but not least, our very own Brett Watkins, CEO and President of L&E Research. 

In this webinar, we focused on Q&A based around Qualitative Recruitment, tips to help your recruiting go as smoothly as possible, and also help ward off any issues before they become issues starting with the design process.

Here’s what our panelists had to say!

1. We started by asking about kicking off a new project with a recruiting partner.  What might our panelists be able to share with an amateur researcher in regards to getting recruiting started off on the right foot?

  • Partner, partner, partner! You want to be sure to work with recruiting companies who not only care about helping YOU be successful, but who also align with your core values. In any good relationship, personal or business, communication and honesty are key elements to be able to have a true partnership.   In the end, you’ll want to be sure that you can trust your partner to do what is best for your project.
  • Be clear about your expectations for the recruit right from the start! Have a discussion about who your ideal respondent is. Ask your recruiting partner if they have any past experience with the population you are trying to reach, and if they can offer and advice on the best ways to reach them.
  • Ask your recruiting partner what their plan is to find your population. If plan A does not work, what’s plan B?  Having this mapped out at the beginning, will help keep your recruiting from getting hung up, and keep the process moving along.

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18 Apr 2018

Webinar Recording | 6 Steps to Perfect Qual- Step 2: Qualitative Research Recruitment

6 Steps to Perfect Qual - Free L&E Webinar Series

On April 11, 2018, L&E hosted our second webinar in our "Six Steps to Perfect Qual" webinar series for 2018 with Teressa Johnson, Heather Hall and Brett Watkins as our panelists. The second step in our series focused on qualitative research recruiting and its importance to great qualitative research.  

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06 Apr 2018

B2B Qual - going beyond in-depth interviews

For the deepest, most comprehensive insights and personal opinions, it is difficult to beat the one-on-one interview.  However, there are other options. Many people assume that B2B qualitative research cannot use the same variety of methods as B2C qual, or even B2B quant for that matter. While it’s true that the in-depth interview is a great way of gaining deep insights into a participant’s thoughts, the vast potential of the internet means there are more convenient ways to reach professionals with tight schedules across varying locations. Moreover, observational methods such as ethnography provide objective viewpoints of businesses that personal interviews may miss.

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03 Apr 2018

Renee’s Takeaways - Quarterly Roundup

  1. Methodologies – There is no one-size fits all when it comes to methodology for your research. While focus groups definitely have their place and are necessary, we’re seeing more and more companies using behavioral methodologies such as in-home interviews, or video diaries, etc. to be able to capture those “in the moment” elements that you may not catch otherwise. People tend to act and respond more naturally in their own environment.
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