22 Jun 2015

L&E Workshop - Observing Consumer Behavior: Past, Present, and Future

The study of consumer behavior has existed for more than 50 years. How consumers think, what drives them to purchase one product over another, which consumers are the target demographic – these (and more) are topics you need to consider when creating and marketing products. Consumer researchers have long used principles of psychology to study consumer behavior, but understanding the psychology of the consumer mind is not enough.

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04 Jun 2015

Play with All of Research's New Toys, But Don't Dismiss Qualitative Research

“If you could do only one type of research, would it be qualitative or quantitative?”

I was once asked this question in an interview for a corporate job. I paused at this question for two reasons. First, because it was a bit ludicrous.  Second, it made me think about the role of each of these and how they’re applied.

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