21 May 2015

Workshop Video: Marketing to Kids in a Tech-Forward World

Getting and keeping traction with kids requires an understanding of how they think and act, and what they respond to in product development, marketing, and communications. Kids are not just small adults; they are fundamentally different in the way they process information, in their social needs, and in the way they evaluate products.

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13 May 2015

Insights from Qual 360

By guest writer: Jen Ignacz
(This post originally appeared on the Topp blog)

As a UX researcher, I have found out over the years that there are far fewer qualitative researchers than quantitative researchers in the business world. This makes sense based on the ratio of qualitative and quantitative research conducted in businesses; according to ESOMAR Global Market Research Annual Reports the last several years, between 75% and 85% of global research has been quantitative year after year – but the truth isn’t always in numbers.

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