06 Mar 2018

More time to focus on the good (participants)

Looking for respondents who wear glasses three times a week, eat steak tartare once a month, and go for just one run a year (every January)?

In our last blog, we discussed the power in using recruitment software to fend off and quarantine problem participants, such as those troublesome ‘professionals’. The latest technology and quality recruitment methods take care of these problem participants for us – allowing us to move on and focus on the good. 

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22 Feb 2018

The myth of cheaters and repeaters - An insider’s look into qualitative research participants

If you think professional respondents and problem participants are disrupting the quality of your insight, then you’ve fallen for the tired propaganda of those on a mission to steer clients away from qualitative research.

That’s right, it’s a myth.

Of course, professional participants do exist, and a lot of people only want to help for the sake of the incentive. But the thing is, they don’t actually prove a problem for qualitative researchers. It’s not because these people don’t try to cause a problem, but it’s because as an industry we have barricades in place to fend them off completely. And if they slip through, we have the knowhow to quarantine them before they can affect the insight. Therefore, although cheaters and repeaters do exist, they just don’t make it in the world of qual – and certainly not in our panels.

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13 Feb 2018

6 Steps to Perfect Qual Series: Step 2 - Qualitative Research Recruitment | New White Paper from L&E

6 Steps to Perfect Qual

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Step 2: Qualitative research recruiting

How do you get the best insight? You recruit the best possible participants.

This L&E trust guide shares the power behind quality recruits with a series of best practice steps.

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04 Feb 2016

Recruiting the Best Market Research Respondents

Whether you’re conducting qualitative or quantitative market research, the quality of your respondents is the most critical factor in your project’s success. Excellent recruiting is a three-way street requiring strong communication and understanding between the client, the market researcher and the recruiter. And because there are so many moving parts to recruiting, there are many ways that it can go wrong.

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13 May 2015

Insights from Qual 360

By guest writer: Jen Ignacz
(This post originally appeared on the Topp blog)

As a UX researcher, I have found out over the years that there are far fewer qualitative researchers than quantitative researchers in the business world. This makes sense based on the ratio of qualitative and quantitative research conducted in businesses; according to ESOMAR Global Market Research Annual Reports the last several years, between 75% and 85% of global research has been quantitative year after year – but the truth isn’t always in numbers.

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