10 May 2018

6 Steps to Perfect Qual Series: Step 4 - Qualitative Analysis | New White Paper from L&E

6 Steps to Perfect Qual

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Step 4: Qualitative Analysis

To get to the heart of qualitative analysis, you need to dig deep, as well as scope the bigger picture, to provide actionable insight for the client to address the problem.

This next L&E trust guide sets the scene for the current scale of qualitative data, and offers research consultants a way to grasp the large amount of information by using the latest thinking and technology.

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08 May 2018

Webinar | 6 Steps to Perfect Qual- Steps 4 & 5: Qualitative Analysis & Insights Communication

6 Steps to Perfect Qual - Free L&E Webinar Series (available via on-demand)

On June 6, 2018, L&E hosted our third webinar in our "Six Steps to Perfect Qual" webinar series for 2018 with Joan M. Lewis, Shaun Stripling and Walt Barron as our panelists. The focus was on steps 4 & 5: qualitative analysis and insights communications. 

  • Guest Speakers: 
    • Joan M. Lewis, Former P&G Insights Director & Independent Advisor and Consultant 
    • Shaun Stripling, SVP, Chief Strategy Officer and Global Director of Frank About Women at Mullen
    • Walt Barron, Chief Strategy Officer, McKinney
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