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25 May 2017

Virtual Reality in Marketing Research

Few developments in technology are as compelling as Virtual Reality (VR). This technology represents a completely unique way to experience life. My first experience with VR was about 4 years ago at a conference. When I put the headset on, I experienced my own personal case study for System 1 and System 2. One part of my brain knew exactly where I was (standing on a floor in a boring conference room in just another conference hotel), the other part knew exactly where I was (60 feet in the air, standing on a small pedestal with no handrails) – and it was two separate places – with two VASTLY different emotions. 

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03 Dec 2015

GRIT Commentary: Killing the Error of Omission

We are wrong and we know it.  Marketing research has always been plagued by error and assumptions; random sampling almost never is, all kinds of bias – observer, response, fatigue, scale.  The list of issues goes on and on.  Just as importantly, marketing research has been wrong by omission; that is to say that we could only ask questions – and evaluate the answers. At the end of the day, it is a calculated and reasonable “wrong”. 

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04 Jun 2015

Play with All of Research's New Toys, But Don't Dismiss Qualitative Research

“If you could do only one type of research, would it be qualitative or quantitative?”

I was once asked this question in an interview for a corporate job. I paused at this question for two reasons. First, because it was a bit ludicrous.  Second, it made me think about the role of each of these and how they’re applied.

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