23 Mar 2018

Video open-ends – think outside the box

Consumers have a lot of opinions and valuable advice to offer, but how can we ensure they’re heard?

Video puts data collection tools right into the hands of consumers. It does a great job in engaging research participants so that they know they are really being listened to. It puts them center stage, making them feel their worth and their value. With video open ends, participants aren’t constrained by text box responses, or even worse, a pre-written answer key. They are able to elaborate on their thoughts and opinions, while conveying their true emotions and feelings. And this is all done much quicker and easier, and on a more personal level, than typing in a box.

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22 Mar 2018

6 Steps to Perfect Qual Series: Step 3 - Fieldwork & Data Collection | New White Paper from L&E

6 Steps to Perfect Qual

White Paper Download

Step 3: Fieldwork & Data Collection

When you back your fieldwork and data collection with the latest technology, you can’t go wrong.

Download the latest L&E trust guide to access new (and go-to) qualitative research techniques, along with the in-the-moment tools, video analytics, and other technology they run on. In this paper we’ll also share practical tips in choosing the right facility and creating an optimal research environment for participants.  

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06 Mar 2018

More time to focus on the good (participants)

Looking for respondents who wear glasses three times a week, eat steak tartare once a month, and go for just one run a year (every January)?

In our last blog, we discussed the power in using recruitment software to fend off and quarantine problem participants, such as those troublesome ‘professionals’. The latest technology and quality recruitment methods take care of these problem participants for us – allowing us to move on and focus on the good. 

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